About Tutorpi

Hello! I am Andy Smillie and I am passionate about tutoring Maths. I am 31 years young and married with two daughters. I graduated with a Mathematics and Statistics degree from Glasgow University in 2010 and I am now in my twelfth year of tutoring National 4 & 5 (previously Standard Grade) and Higher maths. 

I started tutoring whilst at University and it was the ideal part-time job because I enjoy working with children, helping them to achieve their true potential. I still feel immense satisfaction and pride when a pupil achieves a grade under my tutoring that they might otherwise have struggled with. Having my own children has only increased my passion for tutoring, as I can now see first-hand how important it is to see them learn new things and progress in life.

I decided to start Tutorpi as I have been unable to provide as many one-to-one tutoring sessions as I would like, and to meet the demand required. Living in 2020 as we do, means that more and more services are now online and I thought why not maths too? Tutorpi is a company which aims to provide children studying for National 4 & 5 and Higher maths with interactive lectures and a personal service via messenger.

I am happy to answer any questions on Tutorpi via the 'Contact us' page or instant messenger.  If you join us then I look forward to hearing from you!